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About us

Aternos is a leader in providing on-demand Minecraft game servers. Located in Bonn, Germany, Aternos is providing services for millions of Minecraft players since 2013. Funding is done exclusively with the earnings from advertisements, there are no costs for the user.
Registered Users
Daily Players
18 - 24 years
Largest age group (~67%)
80% male
Largest gender group
United States
Top country. Followed by France, Germany, Poland and Russia

Ad formats

You can reach our global audience either through our exclusive in-game ad format or banner ads on our website.

In-game ads

We have created a unique in-game Minecraft ad format which reaches every Minecraft player that has a Minecraft server provided by us in their in-game server list. While the server is offline, we provide a custom MOTD (Message Of The Day) in the server list that informs the user about the current server status. This message can have up to two lines and we can use the second line for ads. It comes with some technical restrictions but is a unique and exciting way to reach Minecraft players.

Monthly in-game ad impressions


Your ad text is displayed in the Minecraft server list below the current server status while the server is offline. Up to ca. 40 characters are possible.
Your ad text can be formatted using the available Minecraft color codes (16 colors, bold, underline, italic, strikethrough).
You can also add a URL to your ad text, but it's not clickable and has to be typed manually by the player. We provide short URLs using the domain which is easier to remember.
Your ad text can be geo targeted to be only visible in certain countries or to translate the text into the local language for any country.

The in-game ad format is great to reach a large audience to create or improve brand awareness over a longer time span. You could also promote short term events rapidly to millions of Minecraft players. Its unique form gets the attention of the user much better than banner ads on websites that users are used to and often ignore.

Website ads

We also offer different ad formats on our server administration panel, which every Aternos server user visits regularly to start and manage their Minecraft server.

Monthly website ad impressions
Monthly visitors
8 minutes
Average session duration

Banner ads

Our three website banner ads are present on every panel page in the same configuration.

Skyscraper Right
The right skyscraper is always visible and does not scroll with the page content.

  • 300x600
  • 160x600
  • 300x250
Leaderboard Top
The top leaderboard is always visible when the page loads and scrolls with the page content. Only some pages are long enough to actually scroll.

  • 970x90
  • 728x90
  • 468x90
  • 320x50
Leaderboard Bottom
The bottom leaderboard is often visible below the content when the page loads and scrolls with the page content.

  • 970x250
  • 970x90
  • 728x90
  • 468x60
  • 336x280
  • 300x250
  • 320x50
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