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Aternos GmbH is one of the leading providers for on-demand Minecraft game servers.

From a hobby project started by a few students in 2013, we have grown into a company over the years. Today, we are a team of ten, consisting mostly of young developers. We pursue the mission of enabling millions of players to play together with their friends every day - simply and effortlessly.


Minecraft connects people all over the world, and we want to help them do so. With Aternos, we offer completely free Minecraft game servers for over 75 million registered users. Since the beginning, the service has been financed exclusively through advertisements.

Aternos is the number one place to go to for free Minecraft game servers and is one of the largest Minecraft server hosts in the world. Our management interface is a custom development and unique. It is completely focused on the game and offers maximum flexibility with the simplest usability. This is what our users appreciate and love.


A free service understandably has its limits. In order to meet players with higher requirements, we launched our service exaroton in 2020. Here, our users benefit from a wider range of functions, improved performance, and more extensive support.

In contrast to other providers, we take the approach of only charging for what is actually used, in the spirit of the age of cloud computing. Thus, costs are only incurred when the game server is online. In many cases, this is not only significantly cheaper, but also fits better with the gaming behavior of many users. The number of game servers, the allocated resources, the software used and much more can be adjusted as desired - without any obligations.
Much of what sets us apart is our own software. But we also benefit from what open source communities and especially the Minecraft community has already developed and will develop in the future. Without its developer community, Minecraft would be nowhere near as successful as it is.

That's why we've been supporting developers from the open source and Minecraft community for years through donations on platforms like OpenCollective and GitHub Sponsors.
Training company
Silver member
1 May 2013
Release of the first version
10 June 2015
1 million registered users
13 December 2016
Foundation of the Aternos UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
2 February 2019
10,000 Players online at the same time
24 October 2019
Conversion to Aternos GmbH
15 March 2020
100,000 players online at the same time
30 July 2020
Release exaroton
10 September 2021
50 million users in total
28 July 2022
1 million registered exaroton users
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